What are the new features in Tourist Card?

There is a beautiful spring outside, and  on May 1, the Tourist Card was enriched with new attractions. And while spring, unfortunately, will end in a few weeks, the attractions will remain on the Tourist Card for good. See what we have prepared for you.

First of all, one of the main discount partners and the most visited museums in Gdańsk - the Museum of the Second World War is now available free of charge in both packages: Explorer and Premium Explorer.
NOMUS New Museum of art, one of the departments of the National Museum in Gdańsk- also joined the Tourist Card. It is available for free in the Explorer Premium package.
In addition, Card users can still profit from attractive discount - 15% for using the services of the FLIXBUS carrier.
And if we are already at the subject of transport, it is worth mentioning the partners related to the "river" side of Gdańsk. Dive in the city of Neptune, with the help our partners: Gdańsk z Kajaka, Holiday Boat and Catamaran Baby Blue.
Remember also about the mobile application, which will make you more "eco" and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the Tourist Card without the need for a plastic card. The application can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

To sum up. Don't wait - buy the Tourist Card as soon as possible and start discovering beautiful Gdańsk!