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International Hanseatic League Day returns to Gdansk!

Soon, on June 13-16, a large, international event will take place in Gdansk - International Hanseatic League Day. The name may be a bit misleading, because in fact, what lies ahead of us is not a day, but 4 days of great celebration at Coal Market (Targ Weglowy).

But first, a word of explanation. Why is the word "returns" in the title? Well, such a convention took place in Gdansk in 1997. It was directly related to the celebration of our city's round 1,000th birthday.

So what is Hansa Day? It's 4 days of great fun and the opportunity to learn about other traditions and customs. Representatives of many Hanseatic cities will come to Gdansk. We will have citizens from countries including: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and even Great Britain. A Hansa town consisting of several dozen houses and several stages will be built at Targ Weglowy. This is where we will meet representatives of other Hanseatic cities - exchange words with them and learn more about the places they come from. But that's not all. The entire event will be accompanied by numerous parades, musical performances on stage and the presence of people in costumes typical of their traditions.

The congress is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen contacts at the level of city authorities and business. Numerous meetings of entrepreneurs, people from cultural institutions and local politicians are planned. What's more, the meeting will also include a mini football tournament.

To find out the exact program, just visit the congress website: https://www.gdansk2024.pl/

According to this, we can plan our visits to a specific point, but many performances during the meeting are completely spontaneous (e.g. the orchestra from Bergen), which only adds to the charm of the event. It is also worth remembering the colourful parades that start Hansa Day on Thursday evening and end the convention on Sunday afternoon. Representatives of all cities, with signs with their names, will walk in a joyful procession through Dlugi Targ and Dluga Street.

International Hansa Day is definitely an event worth visiting, especially since the next opportunity to do it in Gdansk will be in quite a few years (last year it took place in Torun, and next year it will take place in Visby, Sweden).
Feel invited!