Kayak adventure with Tourist Card!

If you want to discover Gdansk from a water perspective, we have a suggestion. Buy a Tourist Card (by Gdansk Tourism Organization) and jump right into a kayak! Adventure with “Gdansk form kayak” team awaits.

New edition of Tourist Card is much more than new packages. One of the many, new attractions is an incredible kayak trip on Motlawa River! This is a great opportunity to discover Gdansk from a completely different perspective. Few tourists can boast that they have seen the Crane from the water or discovered some little side-canals of Motlawa. Even only a handful of Gdansk citizens had the opportunity to experience such an adventure.

You can enjoy kayak trip alone or with a guide. If you choose “with guide” option, you are always accompanied by a person who takes care of your safety, gives expert advice and tells the history of the city and its unique, often not widely known, alleyways.

Moreover, using Tourist Card will give you a discount on a kayak trip!

Last year over 1,500 people participated in the kayak tours. In the Gdansk area, the "Gdansk from kayak!" team has created several different itineraries, lasting from 1.5 hours to a full day trip. It turned out to be a great idea, because many people who have just tried kayak adventure, come back for more trips.

Unforgettable adventures are within the reach of a paddle!