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Newest edition of Gdansk’s Tourist Card is there!

The first of those packages – Sightseeing, is the most popular one. It allows for free entries to over 20 attractions.

Family and Fun is a great choice for whole families. Special attractions suited for their needs, have been selected here.

Both packages are available for 24h, 48h, or 72 hours. The last one – transportation is a suitable solution for those who plan on using public transportation in the whole agglomeration. This universal ticket can be of course also loaded with remaining 2 packages.

For the first time the Museum of Polish Post is included in the card’s offer.

Other things available from the begging of May include “Citysightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus” sightseeing, Holiday Boat cruises or daily bike adventures with “Poland by Locals”.

In the coming months the card’s offer will by further boosted by new attractions. For example, in June tourists will have a chance to use a special mobile application instead of the plastic card! The newest display motive of the card will be focused on 30th anniversary of first partly – free elections in Poland and the 80th anniversary of II World War breakout.

We will also add a cheaper transportation ticket valid in Gdansk only and new, great viewing platform on top of Olivia Star Tower (156 m tall!).

Where to buy the Card? You can purchase the Card in all Tourist Info Points in Gdansk run by Gdansk Tourism Organization, in partner hotels and with a portal www.kartaturysty.visitgdansk.com

The card is a great way of saving time, money and making Gdansk’s sightseeing even easier. It’s the best guarantee of a well spent free time, in the City of Neptune!