Tourist Card winter edition!


The Christmas and Winter edition of the Tourist Card includes a Sightseeing Package and several new attractions, as well as featuring a great new look to match the season. So what is new this year? First let's take a look at the Gdansk Christmas Fair. The Tourist Card offers:

  • a 10% discount on tickets to the Gdansk Carousel,
  • a whopping 50% discount on mulled wine,
  • 15% discount on sweets sold at booth no. 2 at the Christmas Fair, run by the Gdansk Tourist Organization.

In addition, holders of a Tourist Card may:

  • purchase discount (PLN 16) instead of regular (PLN 23) tickets to the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.

Remember that the Tourist Card now entitles you to quick and easy check-ins at the Lech Walesa Airport when you purchase Fast Track and Executive Lounge services. More information can be found HERE.

Whether you live in Gdansk or are just visiting to see what our city has to offer, you can all have fun with the Tourist Card in winter!

It is available at Tourist Information desks (at the Gdansk Airport , the Madison Shopping Centre  at 10 Rajska St. and at the Gdansk Tourist Information Centre on28/29 Dlugi Targ St.) as well as ONLINE.