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Tastes of Gdańsk available as Tourist Card Package!

Duck leg, plum cake, green herb soup, anchovy butter or punch - these are just a few dishes from the "Gdańsk cookbook" from 1858, which can be tried in Gdańsk restaurants from 19th of  November.

How did it start? All thanks to the authors of the new book "Tastes of Gdańsk": photographer Katarzyna Fiszer and Aleksandra Kucharska, a museologist and culinary reconstructor. In their publication, they gave a new life to the recipes taken from the "Gdańsk Cookbook" published in the 19th century. As a result of the meeting of these two women for Gdańsk and their love of food, history and beauty, a book was created that combines the flavors and aromas of old life.

Several restaurants located near the Main Town, as well as those in further parts of Gdańsk, participate in the project, offering you unique culinary experiences in unobvious places. In each of them you will find a new items on the menu - special set menu, that vil give You a glimpse of Gdańsk's culinary tradition.

It will be a great idea to buy a package that will allow you to enjoy dishes from our unique list of flavors. The packages are available in the following options:

Tastes of Gdańsk Solo Package:
Become a culinary discoverer of Gdańsk delicacies and go on a one-person journey full of unforgettable adventures and taste sensations!

Tastes of Gdańsk Duo Package: 

Together it tastes... better ;) Go on a culinary journey with a special person. You choose a companion,
we provide attractions. More precisely - an unforgettable experience of Gdańsk's cuisine.

Tastes of Gdańsk Quartet Package:

In a four-person team you will find out even better that this city is something more than Neptune, the Baltic Sea and shipyard cranes.
Check out what Gdańsk tastes like!

Details on packages and purchase options can be found  Here

The list of restaurants can be found on our website. See you on the trail!

The Tastes of Gdańsk book can be found at: