EcoCar - a new partner of Tourist Card!

It's a pleasure to inform you that we have a new partner in Tourist Card!! EcoCar gives you 15% discount on all travels in Tricity. With EcoCar you are 100% eco-friendly :)!

EcoCar S.A. services are available in Warsaw, Wrocław and Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia). Our taxis, marked with uniform white and green company colours, are not older than two years, and 97% of them are hybrid. We boast the largest fleet of hybrid taxis in Poland.
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*the whole of Tricity in one tariff zone
*EcoRabaty programme – up to 10% discount per each travel
*payment by card and application in each taxi
*carriage of children-we provide children safety seats free of charge
*rental of taxis and 7 seater minibuses by hours
*rental of deluxe limousines
*Prepaid account
*cashless rides for companies
How to book an EcoCar taxi?
  • call us at +48 123456789
  • use mobile application (iOS and Android)
  • take a free taxi on the street
  • create an individual account at