Tastes of Gdańsk Duo Package

Together it tastes... better ;) Go on a culinary journey with a special person. You choose a companion, we provide attractions. 
More precisely - an unforgettable experience of Gdańsk's cuisine. This package is your ticket to a real culinary adventure. 
Thanks to it, you will try dishes inspired by the 19th-century Gdańsk cuisine. It is an unusual and delicious adventure in the world of culinary 
experiences and an opportunity to taste the dishes that the inhabitants of Gdańsk enjoyed over 120 years ago!

In Duo Package you can eat two sets of "Tastes of Gdańsk". You can eat them alone in two of all partner restaurants included in this Package 
or take someone special with You to one of this restaurants.  Package is available via Internet or in the selected Tourist Information Points- 
Gdansk Tourist Information Cenetre (Długi Targ 28/29) and Tourist and Airport Information Desk at Gdansk Airport (Słowackiego 210A)

 Do you want to be sure that when you go to a restaurant you will find a free table? We recommend booking in advance by phone!

Tastes of Gdańsk Duo Package provides free admission to:
Mercato Restaurant
Tastes of Gdańsk- About the project
Restaurant Villa Eva
Targ Rybny Fishmarkt
POBITEGARY Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
Olivia Star- Vidokówka Restaurant- viev point
Mielżyński Gdańsk
Oria Magic House
Pomelo Bistro
Tygle Gdańskie
Restaurant Piwnica Rajców
Magiel restaurant - kopia