Tygle Gdańskie

Chmielna 10, Gdańsk
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Tygle Gdańskie

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Tygle Gdanskie is a restaurant with stunning view of Motława and the promenade of Długie Pobrzeże located in the heart of the old town in Gdansk. Our cooking style combines the authentic flavours of city's cuisine with a modern culinary art. We are driven by our passion for cooking, fondness for excellent produce and great regard for the tradition. We carefully select the finest ingredients, so that our guests may have an extraordinary experience and delight in what Gdansk has to offer.

Tasting menu "Tastes of Gdańsk" includes: 
1. Homemade bread with traditional Gdańsk anchovie butter
2. Matias with smoked caviar
3. Gdansk schnitzel macerated in beer
4. Cream horn- Gdańsk's style

Do you want to be sure that when you go to a restaurant you will find a free table? We recommend booking in advance by phone!

ATTENTION! The availability of the tasting menu is limited and depends on product availability. Restaurants may make changes to the tasting menu.

Terms and conditions

To use Tastes of Gdańsk Package:
1. inform the waiter that You have this package of the tourist card when placing the order
2. Provide the card to be read to the staff
3. You will receive tasting menu "Tastes of Gdańsk" free of charge