Tastes of Gdańsk- About the project

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Smaki Gdańska - o projekcie

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The Gdańsk Tourist Organization came up with the initiative to show and promote Gdańsk cuisine. Leading local restaurateurs were invited to take up the challenge of preparing and serving dishes from the recipes contained in the book "Tastes of Gdańsk", modelled on a Gdańsk cookbook from the 19th century!
Find out what the inhabitants of Gdańsk and their guests ate years ago! The entire set, consisting of min. 3 dishes in individual restaurants costs 130 PLN. You can do it cheaper with the Tastes of Gdańsk packages.
Solo package, you can use one "Tastes of Gdańsk" set. You choose in which partner restaurant you will consume it! The package price is 120 PLN.
Duo package, there are two "Tastes of Gdańsk" sets. You can eat it alone in two of our partner restaurants or take a friend with you to one of the restaurants. The cost is 216 PLN.
Quartet package. Sets can be ordered by 4 people in one restaurant at the same time or by one person in 4 restaurants. The cost in this case is 411 PLN.
This means that if you buy the Quartet package, you save over 100 PLN!

What’s important, packages can be used within 30 days of purchase.

The packages can be purchased on-line and at selected Tourist Information points - Gdańsk Tourist Information Center (Dlugi Targ St. 28/29) and Tourist and Airport Information Point (Słowackiego St. 210A).

Terms and conditions

To use Tastes of Gdańsk Package:
1. inform the waiter that You have this package of the tourist card when placing the order
2. Provide the card to be read to the staff
3. You will receive set menu "Tastes of Gdańsk" free of charge