MIR Gdynia Aquarium

Aleja Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia
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Gdynia Aquarium is an extraordinary place located in the center of the city, which transports each visitor to an extraordinary underwater world. Here you can see, among others, animals inhabiting distant regions of the world such as Africa or North America, but also those from the waters of the Atlantic or the local Baltic Sea.
Gdynia Aquarium is part of the Marine Fisheries Institute - National Research Institute, so education and science are the foundation of our zoo.
Among the biggest and newest attractions of the Gdynia Aquarium is the exposition “Cold Seas” showing animals living in the cold waters of the Atlantic and the Baltic. This is our zoo's newest exhibit, located below sea level. Visitors will have an extraordinary opportunity to discover the diversity of an environment that is not commonly regarded as such. And the dynamic, well-oxygenated and full-bodied waters of the North Atlantic provide excellent habitat for many species of animals and plants. Visitors are encouraged to learn about tash, eels, belugas or common eagle rays. Sharks, electric eels or short-finned crocodile, which can be seen in the other visiting rooms, are also sure to cause a stir among visitors. Visitors to the Gdynia Aquarium will be able to learn about the aquatic environment of North America, coral reefs, as well as the local Baltic Sea

Opening hours :

Monday - Friday
9:00 - 21:00

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