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We deal with science and history, and offer a space to relax. Learning occurs through interactive exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, a mobile planetarium and special events. We use the buildings of a former military fort, through which we also promote history. We offer exhibitions, historical walks and shows with re-enactment groups. Gradowa Hill is 20 hectares of green space in the very centre of the city, a perfect place to spend your leisure time actively. Follow the programme of events, find sporting events, festivities, picnics, field walks and cultural events. For business purposes, we recommend renting our modern conference rooms and organising outdoor events.

Information for people with disabilities

ACCESIBILITY NOTICE: https://hevelianum.pl/dostepnosc/

If you are visually-impaired
, make sure to visit Hevelianum with an accompanying
person. Otherwise, you may experience difficulty reaching and navigating the
building and experiencing what it has to offer. The turnstiles, for example, make it
difficult to enter and exit the exhibition areas independently.
Make sure to visit the Hevelianum Without Barriers exhibition, which includes tactile
bronze dioramas of the Hevelianum area, a panoramic view of Gdansk and a portrait
of Johannes Hevelius.
You may enter the exhibition areas with an assistance or guide dog.

If you are a person with hearing impairment, before you visit Hevelianum, be advised
that the institution offers few amenities for the hearing impaired, and does not employ
a Polish Sign Language interpreter. The staff do not use this language either. Exhibit
descriptions and multimedia materials are in Polish and do not feature Polish Sign
Language translations, which makes them inaccessible for deaf visitors.
Also worth visiting is the Hevelianum Without Barriers exhibition, which contains
videos with subtitles and exhibits with fully textual descriptions.

If you are a person with motor impairment (such as an electric or manual wheelchair
or crutch user), visit Hevelianum with an accompanying person. Reaching (even from
the car park) and exploring the building may be tiring. This applies to the exterior
(cobblestones) and interior (no guide arrows in exhibition areas, narrow
passageways, small elevator and toilets). You will be unable to experience the entire
offering due to certain exhibitions being inaccessible using the elevator and because
of steps.

If you are a guardian of an adult/child with intellectual disability / autism spectrum
, make sure to visit Hevelianum. The accessibility of the exhibits makes them
very popular with children.
The building has a lot to offer to children with such disabilities as our son. He was so
happy being able to touch and experience everything, with nobody telling him no.
All personnel is trained to interact with autistic children.

Before visiting, contact the staff to learn more about suitable attractions. Also make
sure you read the ‘Before you visit’ documents for Hevelianum’s three interactive
exhibitions, which contain information about exhibits providing strong sensory stimuli- 

This accesability description was made as a part of the public administration service ‘Raising the customer service competences of personnel handling tourist traffic, including disabled customers’ that has been co-financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism based on agreement no. 2023/0044/1104/UDOT/DT/BP of 2 June 2023.

Terms and conditions

To use free entrance with Tourist Card: 
1. Inform the staff that You have Tourist card and provide the card to be read by the staff 
2. Your Card will be veryfied using our mobile device
3. You will recieve free ticket