Sztum Castle

Galla Anonima 16, Sztum
Czerwona oznacza Twoją lokalizację. Kliknij prawym przyciskiem na mapie, aby ją zmienić.

Zamek w Sztumie

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Sztum castle was built in the late 14th century as a seat of local Teutonic Order authorities, as well as a hunting resicence of grand masters. Despite it was built by the Teutons, for the most part of its history it belonged to the Polish kings. During the Prussian Times it has been partially demolished and rebuilt. Yet it preserved its shape as a castle thanks to the walls around it. Since 2018 it is a seat of the Malbork Castle Museum branch, that cares about the castle and gradually 
builds its exhibitions focused on history (incl. regional history), art and archaeology. The exhibitions draw attention of more people every year. Not only the exhibits are worth seeing. You can also (eg. using Audioguide) learn about the unique history of the castle – the grand masters’ residence and the seat of Polish nobillity. The castle is also a home to Knights Brotherhood – one of the oldest in Poland – that organises a Medieval Torunament every year and other historical events.