Sopot Lighthouse

plac Zdrojowy ,81-720 Sopot
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Latarnia Morska Sopot

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Situated right next to the Sopot pier, the picturesque Lighthouse has a history that is quite unusual for this type of facility. It is actually a chimney. Established at the beginning of the 20th century (1903) in Sopot, the balneotherapy plant needed a boiler room, and its bright designers thought to construct an "unusual" chimney for it in such a way that it would not disfigure the blooming area. Hence the appearance of the lighthouse today, resembling a tower, at the top of which there is an attractive vantage point, and only in the middle of it there is an old chimney (today it drains fumes from the gas boiler room of the rheumatology hospital built in this place).

Thanks to the installed light, the facility also played the role of a sea navigation sign from the very beginning. The tower gained full-fledged status as a lighthouse in 1977, when after the modernization and replacement of optical and lighting devices, its navigational light began to reach over 17 nautical miles (31.4 km). Today, this range is only 7 NM, so it is a lighthouse only in name and tradition. The light of the lantern shows the position of Sopot to ships every 4 seconds for 0.3 seconds.

Geographical location: latitude 54°26’48” N; longitude 18°34’24” E