Magiel restaurant - kopia

Toruńska 12, 80-747 Gdańsk
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Restauracja Magiel

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Magiel is a 2 -storey  restaurant: a lively ground floor with a centrally positioned kitchen and intimate second storey. Looking at the Motława and green chestnut trees, you can enjoy dishes based on fresh, seasonal, mostly local products. Chef draws for your inspiration from numerous trips, but always the base of the flavors of the family home.
Tastes of Gdańsk set includes:
Breaded veal tongue, horseradish sauce, apple puree
Boiled zander, cabbage roll with millet, chickpea and mushrooms, mustard sauce
- Blanc-manger cream with cream and almonds

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ATTENTION! The availability of the tasting menu is limited and depends on product availability. Restaurants may make changes to the tasting menu.

Terms and conditions

To use Tastes of Gdańsk Package:
1. inform the waiter that You have this package of the tourist card when placing the order
2. Provide the card to be read to the staff
3. You will receive set menu "Tastes of Gdańsk" free of charge