Goyki 3 Art Incubator

Jakuba Goyki 3
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Goyki 3 Art Inkubator

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We are a cultural institution founded by the city of Sopot. We are responsible for building a network of Polish and foreign art communities, arranging artistresidencies, and developing creative programmes, as well as documenting and researching all the phenomena associated with cultural life at large. Our profile is shaped by both the history of the place and the environment in which we function. Sopot is the best place to support art projects, integrate artists into the local community, and promote new ideas. Our audience consists of artists, inhabitants, and tourists. Our headquarters are located in the historic Jüncke’s villa atGoyki 3. The building has just undergone a major renovation including the reconstruction of its architecture and the original elements of the interior.Pick something! See Sopot from a bird’s eye viewVisit the beautiful, restored observation tower at the palatial park complex. Climb all the way up to admire the panorama of Sopot and spot the different species of birds living in the park.Visit the Museum of the PlaceLook into the historic basement and discover the history of the House with a Turret, including the audio archive.EventsWe host debates, meetings with writers, creative workshops and many other events. The current program can be found on our website.Reading roomOn Mondays and Tuesdays, we provide access to our specially curated book collection: art, culture, science,miscellaneous, as well as newspapers with good coverage of national and cultural events.A desk with a view... to work!Do you want to work outside your home? Need a desk to work at and a chance to meet other people in creative industries? We offer flexible solutions, short-term contracts, and new infrastructure.Rent an art studioAre you doing a short-term project and need a private place to work? Do you want to meet people from othercreative industries? We have two studios available for short-term rental on select dates. You cover only the cost of utilities.Screen printing / tailoring studio / darkroomYou can improve your skills and make both basic and advanced projects. Rent our machines or take partin our workshops.ResidenciesDo you have an interesting idea for an art project and ways to engage the residents of Sopot? We encourage people from Poland and abroad working in the fields of visual and performance arts, literature,music, and promotion of science to take part in twomonth residencies. The recruitment process takesplace once a year.ParkYou are welcome to come here for a walk with your pets, but please remember it’s a shared space and it should be taken care of appropriately. The renovation workshave been done with a special care for the unique greenery, such as the linden alley or the natural monuments. We want to protect the local ecosystem, hence the flowers and meadows giving shelter to bees, both wild ones and the ones living in our two hives. New plants are also planned complete with a special lighting system where there used to be a pond. And the site of the former orangery has been turned into a stage.