Tastes of Gdańsk Solo Package

Become a culinary discoverer of Gdańsk delicacies and go on a one-person journey full of unforgettable adventures and taste sensations!
This package is your ticket to a real culinary adventure. Thanks to it, you will try dishes inspired by the 19th-century Gdańsk cuisine. It is an unusual and delicious adventure in the world of culinary experiences and an opportunity to taste the dishes that the inhabitants of Gdańsk enjoyed over 120 years ago!

In Solo Package you have  one set of "Tastes of Gdańsk". You choose in which of the partner restaurants you will eat it!


Tastes of Gdańsk Solo Package provides free admission to:
Tastes of Gdańsk
Ducha 66 Restaurant
Winestone Restaurant Mercure Gdańsk Old Town
Elephant Club
Mercato Restaurant
Olivia Star- Vidokówka Restaurant- viev point