Museum of Gdansk – Artus Court

ul. Długi Targ  43/44, Gdańsk
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Muzeum Gdańska - Dwór Artusa

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This is one of the most impressive monuments located by the Royal Tract in Gdansk. Formerly, it was a meeting place for merchants. It housed meetings, balls and events, and later it was adopted for the purposes of the grain exchange. The Artus Court complex includes: a ground floor of two connected tenement houses called the Old Board House, the Artus Court proper and the New Board House. The Court hides an uncommon artefact – a reconstructed tile stove of 11 metres high called the “king of all stoves”.


Information for people with disabilities


If you are a person with visual impairment, make sure to visit the Artus Court.
The Braille guide available at the ticket office deserves a special mention, as it
contains additional tactile images for navigating the building independently. Selected
exhibits can be experienced by touching them. Should you experience any issues,
the court’s helpful staff is always happy to assist you.

If you are a person with hearing impairment, before you visit the Artus Court,
be advised that the institution offers no amenities for the hearing impaired, and does
not employ a Polish Sign Language interpreter. The staff do not use this language
either. Exhibit descriptions are available in Polish, but can be difficult to read, blurry,
and may at times be placed too low.

If you are a person with motor impairment, make sure to visit the Artus Court with an
accompanying person. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to navigate the exhibition
area (narrow passages, steps between rooms, no handrails) and experience certain
parts of the offering (illegible exhibit descriptions). The entrance at ul. Chlebnicka 1
may be difficult to access for visitors with motor impairment.

If you are a guardian of an adult/child with intellectual disability / autism spectrum
, please be advised that the building is not adapted to your needs. There is
no dedicated area to rest and calm down. Children may find it difficult to explore the
building on their own. The staff is not trained to work with children with intellectual
disabilities / autism spectrum disorders.
This accesability description was made as a part of the public administration service ‘Raising the customer service competences of personnel handling tourist traffic, including disabled customers’ that has been co-financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism based on agreement no. 2023/0044/1104/UDOT/DT/BP of 2 June 2023.

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