Maritime Culture Centre

ul. Tokarska 21-25, Gdańsk
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Narodowe Muzeum Morskie - Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej

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The Museum branch with its eye-catching unconventional architecture is a modern centre providing comprehensive knowledge on the sea, ports, ships and shipyards, in an attractive manner. The interactive exhibition designed for children and families provides knowledge through play, e.g.: the arcana of controlling and commanding a watercraft, reloading goods in the port, underwater bathyscaphe voyages or tsunami wave formation. The Centre also provides a large exhibition dedicated to maritime ethnology, presenting a unique collection of original traditional boats from various cultures, from the Venetian gondola to the Far Eastern sampan. Thanks to the conference room and the restaurant with a viewing terrace located on the top floor, the Museum branch is an exceptional place for meetings, conferences and banquets.