Museum of Gdansk – Museum of Amber

Wielkie Młyny 7, 80-849 Gdańsk
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Muzeum Gdańska - Muzeum Bursztynu

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A visit to Gdansk would not be complete without visiting the Amber Museum. Gdansk is the capital city of this beautiful stone. The museum tells the story of the origins of amber, its properties, extraction and its processing throughout the centuries, from the ancient times to modernity. It features a unique collection of natural specimens – a priceless selection of natural amber forms, including large lumps, plant and animal inclusions, unique colours and shades, as well as various fossilised resins that can be found across the globe.



Information for people with disabilities


If you are a person with visual impairment, visit the Amber Museum only with an
accompanying person. Navigating the building and experiencing its offering may be
challenging for you. Be particularly careful when entering the building. The museum
does not feature any stair markings, some display case edges and pillars are
unsecured, and there are no points of reference. The beautiful exhibits of the Amber
Museum are stored in display cases – the majority cannot be experienced by
touching them. The spotlights used are strong and may be disorientating. In addition,
the light is reflected by the museum’s many glossy surfaces. The majority of the
descriptions do not contain any text in Braille / large fonts / high-contrast text, and
the multimedia boards do not feature sound. Audio guides are not available.

If you are a person with hearing impairment, before you visit the Amber Museum, be
advised that a Polish Sign Language interpreter is not available. The staff do not use
this language either. The dim lighting may render navigating the exhibition difficult.
The exhibits have descriptions in Polish, but are considered rather technical and are
rendered in a small font. The building features an audio induction loop, but before
you visit the museum, please contact its accessibility coordinator (Paula Wilczynska,
) to learn if it is available at the time of your visit.

If you are a person with motor impairment (such as an electric wheelchair or crutch
, you should not experience any major issues navigating the Amber Museum.
The wheelchair entrance and exit are located in the courtyard behind the Great Mill,
facing Na Piaskach Street (if you are a wheelchair user, you will require assistance
in order to use the video intercom). The building features a lift that is adapted to the
needs of visitors with motor impairment. The passageways inside the museum are
wide enough to move around in a wheelchair. It is easy to access all the exhibits
(although those on the second floor are placed somewhat high), and their
descriptions are easily legible. The dim lighting may render moving around more

If you are a guardian of a person or child with intellectual disability / autism spectrum
, before you visit the Amber museum, please be advised that the building
may pose a challenge for them, most frequently described in the following terms:
darkness, reflecting lights, glossy interior that makes it difficult to focus. The building
does not offer a room to calm down and rest. The museum is usually crowded
(particularly in the summer).
This accesability description was made as a part of the public administration service ‘Raising the customer service competences of personnel handling tourist traffic, including disabled customers’ that has been co-financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism based on agreement no. 2023/0044/1104/UDOT/DT/BP of 2 June 2023.