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ul. Chmielna 53, Gdańsk
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Muzeum Archeologiczne w Gdańsku- Spichlerz Błękitny Baranek

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It is the only historical building on Granary Island, which survived the last war in reasonably good condition. It houses the results of long-term excavation works conducted by the museum in the city. Its definite asset is the reconstruction of a medieval street of the Hanseatic Gdansk with merchant stalls, workshops and figures of its residents. The atmosphere of the then city is reflected by the hustle and bustle of the street, as well as the sounds of craftsmen at work, the surrounding smells and half-lit interiors. We have an attraction for the little ones as well, an archaeological sandbox full of artefacts just waiting to be discovered!

Information for people with disabilities


If you are a person with visual impairment, visit the Blue Lamb Granary with
an accompanying person. Blind visitors will be unable to experience the museum’s
offering without an assisting person/guide.
The museum does not offer descriptions in Braille or audio guides, and exhibits
stored in display cases cannot be touched. Navigating the building may also be
difficult due to unmarked steps and protruding structural elements.

If you are a person with hearing impairment, be advised that the institution does not
employ a Polish Sign Language interpreter, although a guided tour with an
interpreter can be ordered in advance (for an additional fee). Exhibit descriptions
and video materials are available in Polish. They do not feature ETR (easy-to-read)
descriptions or sign language translations. Other difficulties include poor lighting,
tiny exhibit description fonts and the lack of an e-guide.

If you are a person with motor impairment (such as a manual or electric wheelchair
or crutch user), you should not experience any major issues navigating the Blue
Lamb Granary. However, you may experience certain difficulties due to the height at
which certain exhibits and screens are placed (too high) and the form of their
descriptions: excessively small fonts, no lighting and poor legibility.

If you are a guardian of an adult/child with intellectual disability / autism spectrum
please contact the Blue Lamb Granary staff before visiting. Make sure
to ask about your individual needs. The museum does not offer areas for resting
or calming down, and the building itself may also pose certain challenges in the form
of sloped floors, narrow stairs and no air conditioning. The various attractions inside,
many of which feature multimedia elements, are worth visiting, however.
This accesability description was made as a part of the public administration service ‘Raising the customer service competences of personnel handling tourist traffic, including disabled customers’ that has been co-financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism based on agreement no. 2023/0044/1104/UDOT/DT/BP of 2 June 2023.

Terms and conditions

To use free entrance with Tourist Card: 
1. Inform the staff that You have Tourist card and provide the card to be read by the staff 
2. Your Card will be veryfied using our mobile device
3. You will recieve free ticket