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PARK&RIDE- convenient access to the beach and the St. Dominics Fair

Two Bus lines!

This year, residents and tourists staying in Gdańsk will be able to use not one, but two bus lines! A new solution is the "Plażowa" line, which allows you to travel by bus from the "Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk" stop to the "Brzeźno plaża" stop and back. The line will operate between  1st of July  and  30th of August. Services on this route will run every 30 minutes from 9:15am to 8:15pm seven days a week.

How does it work?

The rules of Park&Ride Zone are simple:

  1. You leave your car in one of the large parking lots at Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk (available parking lots: P1, P3, P4 and P5);
  2. You collect a ticket at one of the parking meters: the fee for the whole day is 30 PLN, for holders of the Gdańsk Resident Card - promo price- 15 PLN;
  3. You rip the coupon for the bus off the printed ticket. The other part of the ticket You need to leave in the car, in visible spot. 
  4. The coupon is valid as a bus travel ticket for you and the other  passengers  of your car- take it with You!
  5. With one ticket, you can travel both to Brzeźno and to Brama Żuławska - you use the "Plażowa" and "Jarmarkowa" lines, paying for the stop only once.

This saves money!

The car can stay in the car parks at Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk between 9:00 and 21:00, seven days a week. Regardless of the parking hours - the price does not change. What you can do with that amount of time? A good suggestion is a morning rest on the sandy beach in Brzeźno and then lunch in the food court at the St. Dominik's Fair and a walk between colorful stalls. In the evening, after such an active day, the bus will bring you to the parking lot where you've left your car.

If you want to leave your car in the paid parking zone in Gdańsk (for example next to the beach), you will pay PLN 17.9 for four hours, and PLN 25.5 in the City Centre Paid Parking Zone. Stopping for four hours in Brzeźno, and then for four hours in City Centre, to reach the Fair in one day you will pay about PLN 43! When you use park&ride, you will pay PLN 30 during the day, and you are limited only by bus hours.

Leave Your car for longer time- hotel/24 rate

Staying for the night in Gdańsk and want to leave your car for longer? You can use the hotel/24h rate. The price of parking a vehicle for a day is  40 PLN. Long-term parking is best managed through the Apcoa Flow app (you can download it here - IOS Android). The app allows you  to pay for parking as well as to extend parking time.
It is also possible to pay directly at parking meters, however, there are restrictions on the maximum transaction amount -

  • in parking meters on P1 - 100 PLN
  • in parking meters on P3, P4 and P5 - 200 PLN

NOTE: The rate will be available in the app from 01/07/2023

Away from the crowds, environmentally friendly

The AmberExpo International Fair in Gdańsk and the Gdańsk Tourist Organization are preparing solutions, that are compatible with Gdańsk's environmental line. If you leave the car in the Park&Ride zone, not only drivers, but also traffic participants in the city center and its residents will benefit from it. Traffic in this area makes travel shorter and more pleasant for all the road users. The intensity of the exhaust gas level is also reduced, and vehicles heated by summer temperatures do not generate as much additional heat in the City Centre. A reduced number of cars on the road also means less noise!

Park&Ride is a solution that is definitely worth using!